Alex the magician

Alex the Magician is based in Singapore but performs his shows internationally. Alex entertains his audiences with unique magical illusions and is highly sought after as the choice entertainer for many events, especially around the Asia Pacific region for over 20 years.


Elegant modern magic for family and corporate events

World of Illusions

Want To Inject A Sense Of Grandeur and Create Riveting Excitement In Your Next Event? In Singapore and Internationally.

Magical Mask Change / Sichuan Bian Lian

Need Truly Original, Dynamic Entertainment That Breathes Like Fresh Air Amongst Rehashed "It's The Same Darn Thing Again" Type Of Acts?

Walk Around / Close Up Magic

Ideal ice-breaking entertainment that kickstarts interactions and discussions between YOUR guests at social events. Experience intimate, eye-popping & amazing Magic happen right up close.

Poof! The Magical Clown

100% Hassle and Risk Free!

The Wacky Alex Fun Show

100% Hassle and Risk Free!

Alex The Magician's Shows

Turn Your Event Into A "Wow! Wasn't That Fantastic?" Occasion.

Originally Magic was thought of as a mystic device used in conjunction with medicine and science. Today Magic is an universal performing art which challenges the imagination and restores wonderment and fantasy to the modern world.
This is exactly what Alex does best.

About Me

Alex Tan

Alex, based in Singapore, performs Magic-based shows regularly at special events, celebrations and parties for royalties, celebrities, politicians and everyday people worldwide but primarily serves the Asia Pacific regions.

Alex’s performances have been featured regularly on live events, TV, theatres around the World, popular publications and praised by many organizations for over 20 years.

Alex is also a member of the International Brotherhood Of Magicians, Society Of American Magicians and International Ventriloquist Society.

alex the magician
A Proven Record


"An outstanding and professional entertainer. Please feel free to use Planet Hollywood as a reference for any future clients who may be interested in your great services. It is the least we can do for a job well done!"

Planet Hollywood (International Themed Restaurant)

"Professional yet entertaining. And your performance added that spark to our Suntec City branch's roadshow with your enticing personality and performance."


"Dear Alex, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for an amazing performance at UWA. You had a distinguished audience of academic luminaries that you had dazzled and spellbound by, what was fantastic entertainment. The emails and messages about how much everyone enjoyed the performance have been rolling in. Highly recommended!"

Shaun Wellbourne

Wood The University of Western Australia

"The services provided by Alex and his team was professional and extremely entertaining for both adults and children alike. It was truly an eye-opening and unforgettable experience for all present at the fair."

North East Community Development Council

"Adding an exciting twist to the imagination of the young. A hit at the Citibank roadshows."

Citibank (through The Straits Times)

"Poof is an excellent clown; he's very funny and versatile and he knows how to read the little party goers' moods."

Young Parents (Magazine)

"The children had great fun, and Sonya has already requested that "the clown" be present at her 5th birthday."

Ms. Susan Say

"Thank you so much for your great performance ! ! ! You have never know how much I appreciate what you have done for us. Tiffany and everyone at the party had a really good time with you, and lots of people told me that was the best birthday party they' ve ever had and I think exactly the same. All kids loved your show and the grown ups as well ! ! ! You are the greatest magician!"

Ms. Hiromi Bynum

"Just to say thanks....... The children had a great time at the party. The parents of my daughter's friends have asked for your contacts. More biz on the way.........."

Ms. Irene Chan

"By the laughter from all the kids I think they all had a great time, (the teachers too !!) and Vera was as happy as a lark with everything. The smiles were priceless."

Mr. Bill Petrie

"Thank you so much for an outstanding show yesterday, the kids enjoyed themselves tremendously. I also appreciated the fact that you so kindly stayed a while after the show to sing 'Happy Birthday' to Lexi. We are so glad that you came to Lexi's party, you really made her day an extra-special one."

Ms. Sehra Zimbulis

"Allow me to thank you for your wonderful performance at my party which not only entertained the kids but their parents too. Your good mix of magician cum comedian coupled with skilled balloon sculpting was absolutely fabulous. Definitely worth every cent forked out for your services."

Mrs. Geetha Kanagasingam

"For sure Juliana and her friends will long remember Poof. Thank you for making her day special. I liked the drama that was included in the balloon sculpturing sector of the performance. I felt each child was made to feel special as all his or her friends watched and anticipated the final shape of the balloon."

Ms. Helen Chia

Dunbar Walk

"All of us truly enjoyed your show - from kids to adults. After that, Kathleen was so thrilled by your gift, that for the longest time, she too was trying to do her own magic show. Thank you once again !"

Mr. Michael Quah

Green Lodge

"Your performance on Sunday at Nina's party was great. I got very positive feedback from the adults that attended the party and the pictures of the children tell the whole story...... they were all sitting, watching with intent and laughing with hugh smiles on their faces. Thanks for doing a great job."

Ms. Terry Robinson

The Ladyhill

"We would like to thank you for the truly wonderful performance. All my guests, children and adults alike, enjoyed the show. It was a great show, congratulations! I look forward to working with you again in time to come and till then, best of luck."

Mr and Mrs Kumaresh

"Your show was very nice. The kids really enjoyed it and the adults were all appreciative of your performance.
You could spellbound the kids with your tricks and make them happy with the sculptured balloons. I am sure the kids will remember the show for a long time."

Mr. Sandeep Gupta

HP Singapore

"Thank you for performing at Esul's party. You made it a great success. The kids are still talking about it at school, while the parents commented about the professionalism of your act and rapport with the children."

Mr. John Burton

 Financial Times

"Thank you for the fabulous program on 27 June, The kids enjoyed it a lot, and there was positive feedback from kids to their parents. Even the people from Suntec Singapore were impressed with it. There will be more working opportunities in the future and we look forward to the next collaboration."

Ms. Ng Yi Ting Patricia

Suntec City Development Pte Ltd