Poof! The Magical Clown

Making your child’s birthday party and children events fun, exciting and memorable with Alex the Magical Clown. 

Who doesn’t want to give their child a childhood with great happy memories and the very best?

You want it to be FUNand EXTRA SPECIAL–all while staying within a budget!

Poof! The Magical Clown Thrilling Children At A Birthday Party.
Poof! The Magical Clown With His Bag Of Tricks At The Singapore Zoo.
Poof! The Magical Clown At A Local Shopping Mall.
The Magical Clown's Magic & Balloon Show

It’s not uncommon to see kids squealing and sometimes almost screaming in laughter.

Howls of protests can also be heard when Poof! The Magical Clown leads the kids down the ‘garden path’.

You’ll witness firsthand how kids can react in totally unfathomable ways.

Kids simply LOVE and are totally entertained by the wacky, comedic antics of Poof! The Magical Clown and it’s easy to see why.

Combining ventriloquism, balloon sculpting, clowning and magic, the innovative act of Poof ! The Magical Clown is truly set apart from run of the mill kid’s performers’ because of his core mission in seeking to EDUCATE through entertainment.

But get this. Kids actually learn important lessons in life from the vibrant and colorful performance of Poof! The Magical Clown while they are thoroughly entertained and kept on their toes.

Poof! The Magical Clown truly delivers kid’s entertainment on ‘steroids!

Alex the Magical Clown

You would agree that Poof! The Magical Clown’s Magic & Balloon Show is clearly the CHOICE entertainment for your party or event.

A typical Poof! The Magical Clown Magic & Balloon Show includes:

  • Hilarious Clowning

  • Funny Puppetry / Ventriloquism

  • Jaw-Splitting Comedy Magic

  • Tons of Audience Participation

  • Educational Messages

  • Balloon Sculpturing

  • Bucket Loads Of FUN!

  • FREE Hosting of Cake Cutting Ceremony (When applicable)

  • FREE Colourful Streamer Shower During Cake Cutting Ceremony(Easy Clean-up)

We come equipped with everything necessary for the show, including the tables and the sound system we use so you can relax and enjoy the show too 🙂 All you need to provide is a comfortable place for the children to sit down and enjoy the show.