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Close Up Magic

Discover Skilful and Entertaining, Intimate Close up Magical Entertainment That Engages YOUR Guests.

Ideal ice-breaking entertainment that kickstarts interactions and discussions between YOUR guests at social events with Alex’s close up magic. Available in Singapore and Internationally.

Imagine… A Silver Coin Materializing From A Flash Of Flames, Only To Vanish Without A Trace In A Matter Of Seconds.

Like Tinker Bell, it seems to take on a life of its own, vanishing and reappearing in the weirdest places.

Finally, the omniscient coin VISIBLY inflates up to twenty times its original size into a jumbo coin on steroids which can then be freely examined.

Wouldn’t you agree that if all the above were to take place right under your nose rather than a mere description in print, it will be an experience you will never forget?

What if you were able to bring this truly magical experience to your business associates and clients for your next hospitality suite, cocktail reception or other promotional events? Available for events in Singapore and around the world.

This is amazing magic that happens within arm’s reach and takes place right under your nose. Magic you can feel, touch, and experience PERSONALLY.

That’s what Alex’s Close Up Magic is all about.

Shrieks of sheer delight, howling laughter, gasps of total amazement and the looks of total astonishment are just some of the side effects Alex’s Close Up Magic has on people, and if you are looking for the ultimate intimate magical experience and entertainment, you simply cannot go wrong with Alex’s Close Up Magic.

alex the magician close up magic
Laughter and applause are usual responses of Alex's close-up Magic.
alex the magician close up magic
Alex amazes with sleight-of-hand using cards.
alex the magician close up magic
Alex entertains with close-up Magic.
Alex The Magician

Customised Magic

YES! We are also able to conceptualise, design and perform customised Magical effects to magically produce a product, a logo, a person or put across a message or an idea for your special events.